122 Nicknames For Andrew

Warm greetings, everyone, and especially to all the Andrews out there!

Welcome or Welcome back to a brand new article that helps you with a beautiful nickname for your friend Andrew.

Andrew is a popular name and to find a nickname that suits him best and is in accordance with his character is indeed difficult.

But how could you even imagine that we would let you go through that difficulty? Never. We will lay a set of very cute nicknames before you, and all you have to do is pick one best. But before that, let’s get acquainted with the format of this piece of writeup so that you do not find yourself lost amidst words.

The very first section focuses on the history, origin, meaning, and popularity of the name Andrew. Once that’s cleared out, we introduce you to a set of cute and adorable nicknames which are sure to be liked by all. Along with the list of nicknames, we add a small note for you on how to make the most of the process of the nickname hunt.

This is followed by a segment featuring the best Andrews the world knows to boost the morale of the Andrew that we are concerned about.

We assure you of a fun process here. Start reading already and make the most of it!

So let’s start with the meaning now.

What Is The Meaning And History Of The Name Andrew?

The extreme popularity of the name Andrew raises the question of what the name means. Originated from the Greek name Andreas, this name means strong and manly. The segment which leads to this name is aner which means man, and hence comes this name and its meaning.

The name holds its importance due to its biblical importance. He was the first disciple of Jesus and hence all parents would definitely want their children to have a name of such a pious and sacred man.

Evidently, the name is exclusively masculine, and the feminine variants would be Andrea and Andi. The pronunciation goes like this, An-droo.

The popularity has always been significant, with the name being in the top 100 list. From 1996, the name outperformed by holding the top 10 positions for 12 long years. 2003 found the name Andrew at its peak. However, it has dampened a bit after that. In 2020, it was seen to have taken the 52nd position.

List Of Nicknames For Andrew

  • Ann
  • Andri
  • Derry
  • Drew
  • Anan
  • Rew
  • Ruu
  • Rurry
  • Rony
  • Anu
  • Andy
  • Andro
  • Andris
  • Dree
  • Dunks
  • Andyz
  • Andro
  • Annan
  • Arda
  • Ari
  • Arimo
  • Andru
  • Analoy
  • Andy
  • Candy
  • Dew
  • Dendy
  • Ando
  • Arima
  • Arab
  • Aloy
  • Aneya

This bunch is curated for the sake of Andrew. But let us help you out with a small tip. Many a time, we tend to start liking all the names as they sound sweet. But here, our main concern should be Andrew.

Try calling Andrew out in your imagination again and again with all the nicknames you like. Try to feel the way you will feel after you call him. And as you know Andrew well and the bond must have been strong enough provided that you are finding a nickname to gift him, also. Try to feel how he would feel when you would call him or what his reaction would be.

After considering all the situations, pick a name that makes you feel, “Yes! This is perfect.”

Let’s proceed to the next segment that focuses on the popular face named Andrew.

Famous People Named Andrew

  • The first name to begin this great list of Andrews is definitely none other than Andrew Cuomo. He was a prominent personality and was the Governor of New York. He worked hard for the welfare of the citizens and took steps wisely.
  • Second is Andrew Jackson, the wise and potential individual who was the seventh U.S. president. He was quite well known for his political fame and his knowledge in depth.
  • Andrew Garfield is a very popular actor having an American-British origin. This actor is known for his lead role in one of the best movies of all time, i.e., “The Amazing Spider-Man.”
  • The next famous Andrew is yet another president. Andrew Johnson was the 17th U.S. president and has done a lot for the sake of humanity. His suggestions were always appreciated and implemented.
  • Andrew Lincoln is an English by origin. He is one of the very popular actors and is widely known for his starring role on AMC’s TV series “The Walking Dead,” which has gained a lot of fame.
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber, another popular Andrew, is a prolific and extraordinary English composer.
  • Prince Andrew is the best example of a famous Andrew to conclude this list of potential individuals. He is none other than the Duke of York. He is the only son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip, who was the Duke of Edinburgh.

Final Words

We understand how special Andrew is for you, and hence we recommend you choose a nickname very wisely. Also, don’t forget to add on the popular Andrews while you gift this special name to your best friend.

There are ample to find from, but only one name will be best, and you will be highly contented after calling Andrew by that name. We know how important it is to make both of you smile, and hence we tried our best to curate the entire article in such a way that it becomes easier for you to interpret things faster.

We are extremely glad that you came here and trusted us throughout the process. Congrats and warm greetings to your best friend on his new nickname. Take care!

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