52 Nicknames for Benjamin

Struggling to find a nickname that will suit perfectly for your child? We have got your back. We are here to help you with some awesome nicknames options that will perfectly go with your child, especially if your child’s name is Benjamin. If you are facing a problem selecting a particular name for your child named Benjamin, we are sure the list of nicknames that we have listed below will help you.

Nicknames are very cool to keep, but before keeping any sort of name, is its name or nickname, one should always do some research on that because it is very helpful in the long run. You must know the meaning of the name properly. Could you do some research based on it? Search whether it has some mythological references or not. The more you do research, the better you know about the name that you will be keeping for your child in future. You must look into all the aspects and choose the nickname accordingly. Knowing more about the name Benjamin will level up your knowledge and will help you to find a better nickname for children named Benjamin. So, without wasting any time, let’s go through the detailed information that we have collected about Benjamin for you guys.

What is the Meaning and History of the Name Benjamin?

The name Benjamin is very popular. It is mostly a popular name among boys. The name Benjamin is derived from Hebrew. In Hebrew, it means “son of the right”. It appears to be as “Binyaamem” in Samaritan Pentateuch. There is a various shortened version of the name Benjamin. Some people in short form call it Ben or benny. The name is popular mostly among Christian, Jewish and Muslims. Benjamin is a sort of biblical name. This phrase is used in several languages as it is very much famous among the people. Sometimes the name Benjamin is also chosen for a son who is born to a mature parent. In simple words, families who have several kids. The name Benjamin comes from the Biblical son of Jacob. He also occupied the same position in his family. He was the youngest son.

The name generally originates from the Hebrew word Ben. Benjamin is the more powerful version form. It gives a feminine variation. The name is very popular among the people. It has got the position in the top 100 boys names in the USA. This was in the year 1968, but by the year 1974, the name Benjamin reached the top 50. Since then, the name has been going up. It climbed up to the peak of popularity. It broke the top 20 in the year 2009 and broke another top 10 list in the year 2016. In the latest statistics, is the name Benjamin is in the top 7 list for boys’ names in America? The name Benjamin has maintained its popularity consistently. In a google analysis, the name Benjamin is the most popular name in the last 5 years.

Our collected information shows that the name Benjamin is a very feminine name. Nowadays, people are looking for such types of names. Moreover, the name Benjamin is very famous, and cool nicknames can be created. The main purpose of this article is to provide you with some cool nicknames that will go with the name Benjamin properly. So, fuel up yourself because you are going to come across some mesmerizing nicknames that will suit perfectly with the name Benjamin.

Nicknames for Benjamin

  • Ben
  • Benji
  • Bennie
  • Benjee
  • Beni
  • Benj
  • Benny
  • Jay
  • Benjy
  • Benn
  • Beanie
  • Jamie
  • Ben Jizzy
  • Beng
  • Behn
  • Jamin
  • Benja
  • Benjay
  • Beejey
  • Bem
  • Benno
  • Jam-jam
  • Right-hand Man
  • Banjo
  • Benito
  • Benji Man
  • Ben- Jammin
  • Benghazi
  • Ben 10
  • Junior Benji
  • Young Pup
  • Benny Boi
  • Benji Boo
  • Benoni
  • Big Ben
  • Gifted Hands
  • Benjen
  • Beniamino
  • First Ranger
  • Benjo Banjo
  • Franklin
  • Benny Bunny
  • Batman
  • Benjermin
  • Ben Bruce
  • Bee
  • Button
  • Benjy
  • Genie
  • Jam
  • Benjuu
  • Ben Junior
  • Bamboo
  • Blueberry
  • Bamboozo
  • Beersty
  • Baghead
  • Barmpop
  • Bazinga
  • Booger
  • Bagel

As you have seen, we have collected different types of nicknames for people named Benjamin. You can choose nicknames from the above list or take suggestions from the above list and make your choice accordingly. We hope that you will be able to find a perfect nickname that will match the vibe of the person for whom you are choosing it.

Famous People Named Benjamin

Benjamin Harrison: This person was born in the year 1833 on August 20th. He was a famous American politician. He was a lawyer as well who served the 23rd president of the United States of America. He died in the year 1901 on March 13th.

Benjamin Bratt: This famous personality was born in the year 1963 on December 16th. He is an American actor as well as a director who has worked in the industry for several years. He became famous through the supporting roles.

Benjamin Disraeli: This person is a political figure. He died at the age of 76 but lived in the heart of his fans for many more years. He was the prime minister of the UK from 1874 to 1880.

Benjamin Salisbury: This person was born in the year 1980 on October 19th. He is a famous American actor as well as a great dancer. He is best known for the role of Brighton Sheffield.

Final Words

This article was created for the people who were struggling to find a perfect nickname for the name Benjamin. Here we have collected all possible information about the name Benjamin and also have provided you with a list of nicknames for the name Benjamin. We hope that we can provide you with knowledge about the name and also about the history of the name.

If you liked this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family and people you know searching for nicknames. We will again meet you with some more interesting topics till then. Goodbye.

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