112 Nicknames for Jessica

Are you looking for nicknames that would be well to someone who is named Jessica? Well, if you are trying to find out an interesting nickname for your child, cousin, or friend whose name is Jessica, then you are at the correct place. Here we can provide you with lists of unique and interesting nicknames that are very suitable for someone named Jessica. You can surely recommend these nicknames to people around you whose names are Jessica. This article is a must-read for all those people who are searching for suitable nicknames for somebody who is named Jessica.

We will head to the lists of nicknames, but before that, we need to know the meaning of the name and understand the significance of the name. It is essential to know where the name has actually originated, what it stands for, and the history behind the name. It is not possible to choose appropriate nicknames without understanding the meaning of the name for which you would choose nicknames.

Also, it becomes quite easier to find a suitable nickname if you understand the importance of the name. You need to know whether the name would match the vibe of the person who has that particular name. So, let us dig into the details of the name before exploring suitable nicknames.

What is the history and meaning of the name Jessica?

Jessica is a feminine name that is extremely popular. The name Jessica has ancient Hebrew origins. The meaning of the name is “God Beholds,” or it basically refers to someone who is rich and wealthy. But this wealth is not the financial wealth that we are referring to. Instead, we are referring to the wealth of knowledge. It refers to somebody who has knowledge about God. The name Jessica was first used in the 16th century.

William Shakespeare, a famous English poet and actor, wrote a play titled “the merchant of Venice” that had several characters, and one of the female characters was named Jessica. It was a romantic comedy, and Jessica was the daughter of a moneylender and the love interest Lorenzo. This was the first time when the name was for the first time used in writing. There has been a debate among historians regarding how Shakespeare came up with the name Jessica. It was assumed that he got the name from the old Hebrew variant. This particular play introduced Jessica’s name to the world, and thereby it began to appear in other mediums.

The name Jessica became extremely popular in the 90s. It topped the charts and became the most popular name for girls. The name Jessica occupied 27 th rank in the most popular girl’s name in 2005. It was among the 120th most popular girls’ names in the year 2011.

The name became so popular that we have famous celebrities who are named Jessica, like Jessica Biel, Jessica Chastain, and Jessica Lange. All three of them are very popular actresses. There have been singers who are named Jessica like Jessica Wahis, Jessica Flocker, Jessica Jung, Jessica Sutta, and a lot more. So, you can see that the name Jessica is extremely popular, and it refers to somebody who has immense knowledge about God. In order to choose a suitable nickname, it was necessary for you to know all this information. Now, without doing any further delay, let us dig into the lists of nicknames that are given below:

Nicknames for Jessica

  • Jessi Boo
  • Jesse
  • Jess Jess
  • Jessi Bear
  • Queen Jessi
  • Jessabeth
  • New Jersey
  • Baby J
  • Jessi Dear
  • Jessica J
  • Sheshi
  • Jecca
  • Sika
  • Jumpy Jess
  • Jessica Pickles
  • Messy Jessie
  • Jessie Mouse
  • Hurricane Jessie
  • Jessica Tickles
  • Jesse Car
  • Jessi Slicky
  • Jessie-poo
  • Jessicake
  • Jelly-Ca
  • Juicy Jess
  • Jess-e-bot
  • J-Dawg
  • Jeddie
  • Jessicant
  • Jes
  • Jesse
  • Jess
  • Jay
  • Jessca
  • Kika
  • Jezzee
  • Jex
  • Jessicka
  • Jiji
  • Jessalen
  • Jessyka
  • Jezzica
  • Jesstifer
  • Jess Chou
  • Jessiwho
  • Jesbee
  • Jeseats
  • Jessomorcito
  • Estella
  • Jasih
  • Jang noi
  • Junot
  • Jammy
  • Jorg
  • Jaggie
  • Maria José
  • Yolanda
  • Ana Maria
  • Esmeralda
  • Patricia

Famous People Named Jessica:

Jessica Alba is a popular American actress and a businesswoman who was born in 1981 on April 28. She appeared in Camp Nowhere at the age of 13 and had made several television appearances.

Jessica Walter is one of the most popular American actresses born in the year 1941 on January 31. The shed is very well known for films like Play Misty for Me, Grand Prix, and The Group. She died in the year 2021 on March 24.

Jessica Biel – She is an extremely popular American actress and model born in 1982 on March 3. She was initially a vocalist who appeared in musical productions.

Jessica Lange is a popular American actress who was born in 1949 on April 20. She is the thirteenth actress who received the triple crown of acting.

Jessica Simpson- She is a popular American singer, actress, and fashion designer born in 1980 on July 10.

Jessica Chastain is an American actress and producer born in the year 1977 on March 24 and has appeared in several films with feminist themes.

Jessica Gomes- she is an Australian model who was born in the year 1984 on September 25.

Jessica Capshaw is an American actress who is well known for portraying Jamie Stringer in The Practice and Arizona Robbins in the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy.

Jessica Ennis-Hill- she is a retired British track and field athlete who was born in the year 1986 on January 28.

Jessica Hahn- She is a popular and trendy American model and actress who was born in 1959 on July 7.

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