80+ Nicknames for Joshua

In search of a perfect Nickname for your child that will surprise all the people out there? Want a name that will inspire people to give such a name to their children? Well Want you to have for your child is absolutely justified. The name is responsible for the first impression that your child makes, and so is his or her Nickname. You should assure yourself that while you want to call your child when his or her friends are at home, you do it with our embarrassing him. Ensure that you need a nickname that is a perfect match for your child and a name that increases the respect for your child and does not embarrass him in front of others. Though you should worry about it, you do not have to do so as we are here to help you out in this process.

As we already know that you have decided what name you will give to your child. You should so know that name is something that is regarded as the identification for most of the people out there. Take a situation where your child is talking to someone on the phone after growing up. The first that your child has to mention is their name. So the first thing the other person will judge us is also their name. Now in this world which has mostly become virtual, the name has become an important part of existence. So a name beautiful and strong is needed, which also has a nice origin and fabulous meaning. This is why down here are facts that suggest different things about the name you chose.

What is the meaning and history of the name Joshua?

The name Joshua is derived from a Hebrew name, ” Yehoshua”. If we break this Hebrew name into two parts yeho stands for the name of a God, and the other half of the name is shua which stands for a form of the verb that means to deliver or save. Thus the whole meaning of the name is ” God is deliverance.” Later on, the letter Y turned into an I in Greek and Latin language, whereas it turned into a J in English. These transitions eventually gave birth to the word or name Jehoshua, which then got Joshua’s shortened form.

As we have already mentioned, the name’s origin is in Hebrew customs. But there are also other stories about this name. In the Bible, the Old Testament introduces us to a name and a personality, Joshua, who was the Israelite leader and the one who succeeded Moses. Later he only led the Hebrews to a promised land. We can already decipher from the earlier paragraphs that both the origins are related together. First, Moses selected Joshua and then headed the Hebrews, which is from where he got a Hebrew name. Also, Joshua is considered as a name mostly for a male child, but nowadays, the name also does not have gender discrimination, thus enabling parents and guardians to give their baby girl the name of Joshua.

The best thing about the popularity of the name Joshua is its consistency in its performance. The name had a steady rise in its popularity during the 1970s. And this action led to finally acquiring a position in the top 10 in 1979. Now here comes the interesting and you can also say the most inspiring part about the popularity of the name. After it reached its peak in 1979, it stayed at that position for the next 30 years.

Between these years, it has also sometimes reached the position of top 5 and also got a rank of no. 3 between 2002 and 2006. Though now it is not as famous as it was earlier and its popularity has shown a declining rate still even now it is among the top 100 boy names in America and the recent data states that it has acquired the position of 54 now.

Nicknames for Joshua

  • Joshington
  • Jdog
  • Shu
  • J-Drizzle
  • Shua
  • Daddy Joshy
  • Jolly Josh
  • Yeshua
  • JJ
  • Joshlyn
  • Masta Jo
  • Lil Joshy
  • King Joshua
  • Junior
  • J-boy
  • Jokeshua
  • Yehoshua
  • Giggly-Joshy
  • Joshy-Clutchy
  • Yosy
  • Joshu
  • Jo-Jo
  • PrinceJay
  • Jay Jay
  • Jawshh
  • Joshy
  • J-Papi
  • Josue
  • Super Joe
  • Jozua
  • Josh Cena
  • Joshkins
  • Jaash
  • J-bae
  • Oshy
  • Jovy
  • Jo-Muffin
  • Don Josh
  • Joshers
  • Joe-Walker
  • Joshybeans
  • Alpha-J
  • Jo
  • Joe-mama
  • Jaden
  • Jos
  • Baby Jay
  • Bon-shua
  • J-Luv
  • Little Josh
  • J-money
  • J’Lo

These are some nicknames that match your child’s actual name very well. After checking this out, you can easily choose a name from this list and thus give your child a fantastic nickname without putting in much effort.

Famous People Named Joshua:

  • Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain: He was an American professor from Maine who volunteered to join the Union army during Civil War.
  • Joshua Rush: He is an American actor known for playing the first openly gay role in the network, also famous as an activist.
  • Joshua Paul Dallas: He is an American actor famous for his role as Prince Charming/ David Nolan.
  • Joshua Browning Jackson: Born in June, he is an American and Canadian actor known for his starring role in Pacey Witter.
  • Joshua David Bell: He is an American violinist And conductor who also won the Grammy awards for the same.
  • Joshua Michael Homme: He is an American songwriter, singer, and record producer.
  • Joshua Gomez: He is an American actor.
  • Joshua Malina: He is a stage and film actor of America known for playing Will Bailey.

Final Words

We wish only the best for you and the young ones in your life as we have done here too in this article. That is why we have information and suggestions for you. We hope you like this article, and if that is the case do not forget to share this with friends, families, and loved ones. Thank You.

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