48 Nicknames For Savannah

Hello warm-hearted person. It is kind of you to take out time and figure out which nickname would suit best for a very, very special person named Savannah. She might be your sister, your best friend, your relative, or someone extraordinary but all of these holds a common emotion, the feeling after making them smile with this new name.

Now that you are here, we have a question for you. What if you call your dearest Savannah, Savvy? Sounds super cool, no? Or if you call her up and address her as Savanna, she would be surprised, isn’t it?

Welcome to the article, which will indeed treat you well and rescue you from being a want-wit. By the end of this article, you are definitely going to have a super cute nickname to gift!

This article is a collection of three segments. They cover the history, meaning, and origin of the name Savanna and its popularity from old times till today, followed by an extremely cool collection of nicknames for Savannah. Finally, there is a collection of names of all the well-known Savannahs and a little gist about their noteworthy strengths and qualities which have made them famous.

Getting started with the history and origin first is how it goes as we do not want to provide you with any such step that might overwhelm you or confuse you to the fullest.

What Is The Meaning And History Of The Name Savannah?

Being extremely predominant in America, Savannah is a name of Spanish origin. The name means flat tropical grassland and is exclusively a girls’ name. No other derivative of this name is used as a boys’ name.

The popularity of this name dates back to old times when numerous stories and movies were centered around Savannah. The craze of this name has increased tremendously again, thereby leading to a hike in the number of people using it.

There are numerous popular women named Savannah. The name has always been in the top 50 list ranging from 2000 to the year 2018. Around the years 2006 and 2007, the name took the position in the top 30. The latest news infers that the popularity peak of this name was achieved in the October of 2020. And its pronunciation is as follows: Sa-Vah-naa.

Setting grounds is already done and now we proceed with the name-hunting endeavor.

List Of Nicknames For Savannah

  • Savvy
  • Savo
  • Savz
  • Savvu
  • Saba
  • Sava
  • Nina
  • Naina
  • Nomz
  • Noah
  • Anni
  • Savanni
  • Savi
  • Sevval
  • Sunny
  • Sama
  • Sanaya
  • Survi
  • Salina
  • Sai
  • Selly
  • Savager
  • Saiva
  • Saboo
  • Sabina
  • Seni
  • Semmi
  • Simi
  • Suvu
  • Suvvi
  • Sabby

As the list concludes, a bundle of opportunities opens up. You can either choose a name from these sweet bunch or try giving a name yourself, but make sure the feelings match. There are also various names in the list, which are nicknames to the popular Savannahs of the world. You can also consider using them, especially because of the fact that your Savanna is really special to you and you will always try to motivate and inspire them.

Closing this phase, we now take a leap to the phase consisting of the world’s famous Savannahs. It is good to know them as you will be able to boost the morale of your friend Savannah whenever she breaks down.

Famous People Named Savannah

  • The impressive list of popular Savannahs starts with the very famous Savannah Outen. She is renowned for her qualities as a singer. She is an American by origin.
  • Savannah King follows next, who is a famous Canadian. Her exceptional skills as a swimmer helped her bag the award in the Olympics.
  • The next to the list is Savannah Miller. She is also an American by origin. The special attention goes to her outstanding profession. Yes, she is an excellent designer and is quite well-known for her uniqueness in this field of creativity.
  • Savanna Read is a gorgeous English actress. Her outstanding skills make her stand out. Her elegance is no less noteworthy.
  • The one who comes next is Savannah Clark Guthrie. She is a very outspoken and intelligent American journalist. She has always tried her level best to prove herself at every step she took.
  • Savannah Rose LeBrant is yet another popular American Savannah. Her presence and portrayal as a Social Media personality are extremely commendable.
  • Savannah Janine “Savvy” Shields won the exclusive title of Miss America in the year 2017 due to her confidence, smartness, and beauty. (This clearly shows that you can call your beloved Savannah with the name Savvy as well.)
  • Savannah Churchill is an extremely popular musician who is an expert in pop, jazz, and many more. She has always been a tremendous musician and has kept trying her hand to create new music, increasing her fan base.
  • Finally, to mark the end of this remarkable list, we have Savannah Elizabeth McCaskill. She is a renowned soccer player and is quite professionally strong in this sport. She is an American by origin.

These praiseworthy people named Savannah are just like your friend who is equally praiseworthy.

Final Words

As we conclude, we know that nicknames hold an extraordinary place in our hearts. It is gifted exclusively to people who owe one. This is also the beginning of a new bond between you and the nickname; hence it is always recommended to choose a name which both you as well as your special person will love, something which will bring a smile to her face when you call her by that name.

We hope we have served for the purpose it was meant to be and you got the perfect nickname you were looking for. We promise to be back with much better and much more next time.

At last, we wish you happy nicknaming and special greetings to Savannah on her new name. It was meant for her.

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